Get to Know Us

Families Lighting Chanukah MenorahsAt the Core

Ours is a culture of purpose, joy, and kindness.

We believe that dues should not be a barrier to anyone who wants to be a member and affiliate with our community. Because of this belief, our dues structure is called Voluntary Financial Committment (VFC). We tell you what we need to survive, and if you can pay that-- fantastic. But if you can't? Pay what you can afford. We want you to be a part of our Temple.

We believe in...

Making Judaism Accessible
… so future generations can kvell about their Jewish grandchildren.

We Are Different
The principles that set Temple Beth Am apart:

Kulanu: Together. We nurture an engaged Jewish community whose
members care for each other, care for the Jewish people and Israel,
and gladly invest their time, money and passion.
Chesed: Kindness. How we treat all.
Tikkun Olam: Social Responsibility. Accepting our need to repair the
world around us through social action and acts of tzedakah.
Acceptance: We accept all. Our community includes those born into
Judaism and those who chose Judaism, the young and the old,
families considered traditional and interfaith, those who are single
and those who are married, those who are LGBTQIA – all Jews and those
who love them. We welcome and serve without exception.
Giving Voice: We express our values. We are responsible and privileged to
communicate these values to all. We respect this honor. We empower all
to communicate these values. Temple Beth Am will be known by these values.

Our Vision. Our Reality.
Here, there are no barriers to embracing Judaism for yourself, your family, or your community. You are invited to join Temple Beth Am in nurturing a strong, vibrant, accessible, and engaged  Jewish community.

All of Us Together.