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There are many ways to connect with Temple Beth Am. We have a monthly newsletter, The Scribe, e-news, email, social media, and of course calling or stopping by. We'd love to hear from you!

VFC Model

We believe that dues should not be a barrier to anyone who wants to be a member and affiliate with our community. Because of this belief, our dues structure is called Voluntary Financial Committment (VFC). We tell you what we need to survive, and if you can pay that-- fantastic. But if you can't? Pay what you can afford. We want you to be a part of our Temple.

Member Testimonials

Content for this section is coming soon!

Transactive Memory & the Genius of Yizkor

As we started planning the High Holy Days many months ago, I was reminded of the late Harvard psychologist Daniel Wegner’s theory of transactive memory. He explains that:

Mitzvah of the Month

If you’d like to suggest an organization for next year, or to participate, please contact Alissa Frankel at [email protected]

Morse Life

Located in West Palm Beach, Morse Life is an assisted living community providing residential care to seniors. On Christmas Day, many of their employees do not get to celebrate at home with their own families because they are at work taking care of others. Help allow the staff to get home a little early this Christmas by volunteering to help set up and clean up meals, mingle with residents, and pitching in where needed. Adults and supervised older children welcome. Check the December issue of The Scribe for details.