Jewish Family Jams

The Temple Beth Am Family Center is so excited to welcome Jewish Family Jams, an interactive, play based music & movement class for young children ages 0-3 and their grown-ups, as the latest addition to our Family Classes!  Jewish Family Jams is a project inspired by challenges observed in the Jewish community involving the engagement of young families and children in communal life.  The creation of this opportunity for playful, educational engagement seemed like a triple win for the project’s creator, Emily Teck, who believes that the program can benefit the community, the family and the leader in different and meaningful ways.

At Jewish Family Jam Sessions Participants sing, move, learn, play, create, bond, pray & grow!  They have the opportunity to experience and explore children’s instincts to love, learn, connect & make music, while supporting & celebrating each child’s physical, spiritual, emotional development.

Jam sessions incorporate the use of instrument & manipulatives that provide the opportunity to develop processing skills, which are early steps towrds critical thinking.  They also involve visual & auditory input as well as kinethetic engagement, which encourage nuerological development.  Additionally, during sessions, two brain regions essential to language acquisition are engaged.Jam session incoporate face-to-face, repsonsive interactions bewteen child and caregiver that stimulate emotional development between the two.

Singing is a powerful parenting tool.  It does many things beyond maintaining a child’s attention and keeping them content.  Parental singing is an important means of sharing feelings and intensifying the bonds between parent and child.  Some parents worry about singing to their child if they sing out of tune, but kids aren't music critics.  What matters to them are a familiar voices, familiar songs, smiling faces, and a loving tone of voice.

The Temple Beth Am Family Center is looking forward to growing our Jewish Family Jams program to enable young families in our community to play, learn & grow together through music & Jewish inspiration!  

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