3rd through 7th Grades

Third Grade

The third grade will focus on an in depth study of Bible and holidays. Using the basic knowledge they learned in previous grades, they will add new layers including the history of the holidays and how they are celebrated in other Jewish cultures around the world, as well as how they evolved to the ways we celebrate today. This will tie in to the concept of Klal Israel (one Jewish family). Having previously learned about the symbols and rituals, they will master the blessings and “rules” associated with each holiday, including a deeper understanding of Shabbat. Third graders will go beyond basic bible stories to a modern day connection, discovering whether the people and stories would be characterized the same way today. In this year students will also embark on a siddur discovery project, culminating in a special spring-time ceremony. 

By completion of third grade students will be able to decode multi-syllable words. They will also build their Hebrew vocabulary and be able to recognize some sight words. In conjunction with their study of Shabbat third graders will learn Lecha DodiShalom AleichemMisheberach.

Beginning in fourth grade through seventh grade, students learn Hebrew via Skype. They meet one-on-one, once a week for 20 minutes with a Hebrew tutor. Parents can choose the date and time slot that best fits their child’s schedule.

Fourth Grade

In the fourth grade students will learn all about the Jewish lifecycle events, from birth to death and everything in between, including an understanding of the Jewish calendar.  The other focus for the year will be Israel, not only its history and the modern state and culture, but also their connection to Israel both as a community, and the personal connection made possible through twinning with an Israeli classroom in Tzfat.

Fourth graders will have all the decoding basics under their belt, building the speed with which they blend syllables and words. They will also become familiar with new prayers including Havdalah prayers, Maariv Aravim, Yotzer Or, Amidah, Elohai Neshama.

Special Programming

Third & Fourth grade families meet at the Rabbi’s house for a unique learning opportunity, the first step on their journey to becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah. There will be a program following just for the kids to have some fun and get to know their classmates better.

Fifth Grade

In the fifth grade, students will focus on Prophets; learning how prophets were not only speakers for God, but also role models whose words we live by today. They will also begin a two year study of Jewish heritage through an immersive look at acculturation. From arrival in America, to settlement, development, and evolution of the Jewish community in Florida, this experience will allow students to understand the intersection of American and Jewish culture, so that they can write their own page in the Jewish story.

Fifth graders will work on fluency, and word recognition, adding to their understanding of liturgy and ability to use modern Hebrew. Their prayer studies will focus on Aleinu, Hatzi Kaddish, El Devarim,  and Adon Olam.

Special Programming

Fifth graders will participate in their first lock-in as Cochavim, giving them a sense of independence while bonding with their friends. Fifth graders will also take a trip to Miami for a Jewish Roots tour that connects the locale to their heritage studies.

Sixth Grade

In the sixth grade, students will study ethics, utilizing ancient and modern Jewish values to solve contemporary moral dilemmas. Sixth graders will also continue the two year unit on Jewish heritage; by learning about immigration and discovering their personal family histories, they will have a chance to connect to past generations and their present local community, as well as begin to envision how Judaism might look in the future.

Students maintain their fluency through practice, and individualized instruction. Their prayer skills expand to include Birkat Hamazon, the Torah and Haftorah blessings as well as Kaddish.

Special Programming

Sixth graders and their families will journey together through a series of workshops designed to better understand and prepare for becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah. As part of this experience students will attend a retreat just for them, as well as the NFTY Hatikvah Kallah, where they can interact with their peers throughout the region.

In addition to what all students learn in the classroom, they will experience the rich tapestry of the Jewish experience through additional chugim, school, and synagogue wide events and programs.

Seventh Grade

In the seventh grade, students will be focusing on an in-depth study of the Holocaust: the historical details, how it relates to them as an individual and a Jew and how the occurrences still happen today and how they can prevent it.