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Upcoming Events and Classes...

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L’dor V’dor: New Frontiers on Heredity and Healing 
With Cantor Jessica Turnoff Ferrari

Thursday evenings - 7:00pm - April 20 & 27 and May 4

Did you hear about the Jewish woman who always cut the ends of her roast off before she cooked it? Her husband asked her why she wasted so much meat, and she said because that’s how her mother always did it. She asked her mother why. Her mother didn’t know—she said her mother always cut the ends off the roast, so that’s how she learned to do it. The woman eventually asked her grandmother, “Why do we always cut the ends off the roast?” Her grandmother said, “Because I never had a big enough pan.”

As Jews, we value passing on the blessings and teachings of our heritage. 

This class will explore the benefits of these blessings as well as implications of new research which indicates that children of holocaust survivors have biological markers for trauma, even though they did not experience the trauma in their own lives. What struggles, idiosyncrasies, and genetic markers might also be passed from generation to generation? We will also consider emerging ways of bringing healing to our lineage.

Introduction to Judaism

Sunday mornings - 10am

Learn the basics of Judaism with Rabbi Alon. This class is for anyone wanting to learn about Jewish holidays, life cycle events, prayer and beliefs. You do not have to be Jewish to attend, nor do you need any prior Jewish knowledge but space is limited! Please join us on Sunday at Temple Beth Am.

Everyone is welcome: Jews and non-Jews, those who had Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and those who have not, those who have prior knowledge and those who don't.

Beginning Hebrew
Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm with Debbie Baseman 

Do you sit in Services looking at the Hebrew and think it looks like Greek? It doesn't have to be that way! This class is for beginners who know nothing. It only takes 10 weeks to be able to read Hebrew! When we finish, you may not be able to read fast, but you'll be able to read! Note to parents of 5th - 7th graders: If your child is still struggling with reading Hebrew, sign up yourself and bring your child to class with you. You must register in advance in order to take this class, but there is no charge. RSVP to Debbie Baseman at the Temple at 561.747.1109. 

This class is now closed, but please let us know if you would be interested in taking it next year.

Lunch & Learn
Thursdays at 12pm

Join this open and lively dialogue with Rabbinic Intern Brett Tancer. Topics vary and can include the weekly Torah portion, Neviim/Prophets, Pirkei Avot (Ethics) and more. No prior knowledge of Torah, Hebrew or Judaism is needed. All are welcome and invited. Bring a lunch or just come to learn. We'll provide coffee, tea and cookies.

Sunday Torah Study with Rabbi Alon

Sunday mornings - 9am
 On Sundays, when our wonderful Religious School is in session, parents and other adults are invited to learn some Torah. Rabbi Alon will lead an hour of discussion-based study either on the weekly portion or another Jewish theme. Everyone is welcome to buy a bagel from our Youth Group and join us. No RSVP or long-term commitment is required.

Wednesdays at 7pm

Do you love to sing? Would you like to experience Services in a more spiritual, fully immersed & meaningful way? Now is the perfect time to join choir at Temple Beth Am! The choir is open to everyone over Bar/Bat Mitzvah age. Don't worry if you haven't tried it before. Come and enjoy.

Mussar (Ethics)

Wednesdays at 7:00pm beginning December 7. 
Rabbi Alon will be teaching a Mussar Class that provides an accessible path to transform your inner world so you can find more balance and wholeness in all areas of life.

$90/participant - all money goes directly to the Mussar InstituteThis class is full, but if you might be interested in taking it next year, please let us know.