Our Renewal Includes:




Our Temple Includes:




• Jerusalem stone arch that will signify entrance to a sacred, Jewish space.

• The creation of an intimate place of communal worship.

• A Bima reconstructed to bring our clergy closer to the congregation.

• A fresh design that draws from elements of our Jewish heritage.

• A state-of-the-art Audio/Visual System with Hearing Assistive Technology.

• A Memorial Hallway with 8 Yizkor boards, providing the capacity to honor the memory of the loved ones from our growing community.


Social Hall

• An additional 2,000 square feet, totaling 6,000 square feet of usable, elegant space.

• The ability to use movable walls to dynamically create up to three separate activity areas.

• A new speaker system, video screen and projectors.

• A multi-purpose, permanent floor where our preschool children will exercise their gross motor skills every day and our greater congregation will dance during celebratory nights.


Together, the reconfigured Sanctuary and Social Hall will now fit 1200 worshipers during the High Holy Days.




• An expanded footprint and new layout that will accommodate social and educational events as well as small sacred gatherings.

• New windows looking into the main Sanctuary will provide families with young children the option to enjoy services in a comfortable, stress-free environment.




• A transformation of the lobby into a Welcome Center that will act as the warm and hospitable single point of entry into Temple Beth Am.

• A staffed reception desk to provide greeting and enhance security.

• A Coffee Bar, comfortable seating, and new décor that will make the center a place you will want to linger with new friends and old.

• Artistic elements, such as a one of a kind, handmade, luminescent dome that express a Jewish identity.

• An interactive digital display to announce temple events.


Education Wing


• Brand new flooring throughout.

• New windows to bring natural light into more classrooms.

• A new and improved preschool playground.

• Additional access directly from classrooms to the playground.


Youth Wing


• A dedicated youth lounge to provide teens and pre-teens a space to call their own.

• An adjoining office suite for HaMakom (Religious School & Youth Activities) staff.




• An advanced security system with controlled building access at all entry points.

• Expanded and reconfigured offices will provide work-efficient space.

• An inviting study for private meetings between congregants and their rabbi.

• Critically needed storage space.