Chidush Committees



Chidush Committees

Chidush Steering Committee:  The steering committee has oversight and management of the entire Chidush project.  The steering committee sets policies and oversees all procedures.

Committee members:  Hal Baseman, Mindy Hanken, Rabbi Alon Levkovitz, Mark Slifkin (Chair)

Capital Campaign Committee:  This committee is responsible for fundraising, brainstorming strategies for soliciting gifts, recommending policies to the steering committee, and working work with the Outreach and Marketing committee to reach fundraising goal.  

Committee members:  Hal Baseman (Chair), Mindy Hanken, Rabbi Alon Levkovitz, Julie Litky-Rubin, Jeff Satinoff, Mark Slifkin, Alec Wisch

Outreach & Marketing Committee:  This committee strategizes marketing, helps with parlor meetings (including identifying hosts), plans events which may include campaign kick-off, groundbreaking and/or beam signing and strategizes how to leverage existing Temple events for Chidush project.  Marketing includes print collateral, media releases, web and print communication to all congregants and visibility within the temple building. 

Committee members:  Murry Abramowitz, Myrna Abramowitz, Laney Becker, Sharon Bennett, Mickey Berman, Art Bobrow, Bruce Cohen (co-Chair), Brian Cohn (co-Chair), Elana Cooper, Jackie Halderman, Mindy Hanken, Nanci Hochman, Lindsey Klatzko, Al Komins, Rabbi Alon Levkovitz, Peter Meyer, Stacy Miller, Jason Rogers, Jason Silvers, Mark Slifkin, Mel Wolfe

Naming Opportunities Committee: (committee work is now completed):  This committee helped to create the list of Dedication Opportunities that will be “donated” by each donor to the Capital Campaign.  Committee reviewed previously dedicated items.

Committee members:  Debbie Baseman, Sharon Bennett (Chair), Debbie Carr, Mindy Hanken, Nanci Hochman, Evelyn Maltman