Renewal - Chidush - חידוש

Chidush is the renewal of Temple Beth Am

Why Renew

Temple Beth Am's vision involves removing barriers to embracing Judaism in order to create a strong, vibrant, accessible and engaged Jewish community. Investing in the Chidush project is an essential step toward meeting that vision. It will allow Temple Beth Am to have a more inviting building, where our congregants can feel they are truly a part of of, rather than just attendees at, services and events, where programs can be expanded to be inclusive for all ages, where our staff and volunteers can efficiently provide needed support, where our children can find meaningful, enlightened and enjoyable education where we have engagement of the people we need to ensure that Temple Beth Am will meet its vision and serve its Jewish community well into the future.

Why We Need You

Chidush is about being better in order to reach a very important vision. Our initial investment paid off handsomely. And now this is our time to reinvest. Get your name on the dedication board in the Cohn Family Welcome Center. Feel ownership for you and your family. We can do this, but only with 100% participation. Please support your Temple's vision. Please support Chidush.

Can we count on you?

Yes, I'm Ready!


Chidush Renews...


  • Intimate
  • Communal
  • Functional
  • Accessible

Social Hall

  • Transformable
  • Dynamic
  • More space
  • Multi-purpose


  • Flexible
  • Learning space
  • Sanctuary viewing area

Welcome Center

  • Reception area
  • Coffee bar
  • Artistic elements
  • Digital Information Display

Education Wing

  • New flooring
  • New playground
  • Classroom access to playground
  • Improved security

Youth Wing

  • Dedicated youth space
  • Adjoining offices